Istanbul Airport Attack Witnesses Describe It As Something From A ‘Disaster Movie’


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On Thursday, the Istanbul Ataturk airport was struck by explosions and gunfire when two suicide bombers stormed a security checkpoint. Multiple casualties and dozens of injuries were reported at that time, but the New York Times has updated these numbers with 36 dead and 147 wounded. Turkish officials also did not hesitate to hint at suspicions of terrorism. Indeed, Turkey has seen numerous suicide bombings this year by both Islamic State and Kurdish militants, and The Telegraph reports that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan summarized the event as “show[ing] that terrorism strikes with no regard to faith and values.”

Now, witness reports from the scene are surfacing with an unidentified bystander telling CNN how there was glass everywhere, and people had to put an effort into not slipping into pools of blood. Laurence Cameron told Anderson Cooper how he felt “a disaster movie” was unfolding in front of him. Cameron described a scene of total chaos with screaming people who had no idea what was happening after it looked like a “bulldozer” had taken root.

Meanwhile, both presumptive U.S. presidential nominees both had takes on the situation. Donald Trump released his statement, which included a promise that he’ll keep America safe:

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