President Obama Will Soon Make His First Campaign Stop With Hillary Clinton

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This is really happening, eh? Clinton vs. Trump is the championship bout going down for White House glory and according to a freshly released poll, the two candidates have a tight margin between them. Can the current President of the United States of America give Hillary Clinton a boost?

President Barack Obama will join Clinton in Charlotte, N.C. next week, marking the first time Obama has officially joined the former Secretary of State on the campaign trail. Obama endorsed Clinton earlier this month in a cheery video that outlined the presumptive Democratic nominee’s qualifications.

“I’m with her, I am fired up, and I cannot wait to get out there and campaign for Hillary,” shared Obama in his pro-Hillary video.

Naturally, there’s bound to be a response or 12 from Trump at the ready when the first Clinton-Obama combo appearance happens. North Carolina ranks as one of the key battleground states this election season, so the pressure’s on for both parties to leave a serious impact on potential voters. A poll from Ballotpedia suggests good things for Hillary. The data shows 48 percent support for the former First Lady, while the Donald is 10 percent back at 38 percent support. Adding Barack Obama to the Team Hillary mix is likely to produce some intriguing results.

(via CBS News)

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