Australian Voters Show Their Frustration By Casting Their Support Behind Harambe The Gorilla


Getty Image / Twitter

Australia went to the polls on Saturday, the conclusion of the nation’s longest election campaign since the 1960s according to The Daily Dot, and it would seem that the polling finally got to some of the populace. Since Australia has compulsory voting, but loose rules on the types of votes that may be counted, many decided to draw penises, vote for Harry Potter characters, and even drop a vote for Beyonce into the mix. But the standout on election day has to be Harambe, the gorilla who tragically died after a child fell into its enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo.

The response to Harambe’s death was mixed, with some saying it was the only option and others crying foul. No matter, Harambe became a bit of a meme overnight and was actually mourned as one of 2016’s major losses — even if he’s being knocked out by Ali in that one tweet.

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