13 Of The Most Unsettling Gifs Ever, Courtesy Of The Internet

Everyone has their own idea of what they find scary.

For me, the thought of forgetting to wear pants in public or having to perform adult tasks like paying taxes are truly the most terrifying things I can think of. While my ideas of scary might be a bit mundane, others thrive off of the thrills and chills caused by much more frightening things, such as horror films and the paranormal.

Regardless of what we personally find scary, I’m sure we can all agree that these 10 unsettling gifs and photos will keep us up at night.

1. Wait for it…


2. Don’t turn around…

3. I don’t think that’s Margery.

4. Run!

5. She’s awfully smiley.

6. You might want to turn a light on.

7. I don’t know what to call this creature, but I do know I want to keep my distance.


8. When spying on Mom doesn’t go as planned…

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9. Are those…pointy teeth?

10. Can you keep a secret?


11. I have a feeling that’s not her boyfriend.


12. This gives a new meaning to “headbanger.”


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13. Why is it always the kids that get possessed?


You better sleep with the lights on tonight.


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