Little Monkey Says 'Let's Be Friends,' Chihuahua Says 'OH HELL NAW'

Don’t let their small frames and cute eyes fool you. Chihuahuas can be vicious little critters when they want to be.

Speaking first hand, my cousin has two chihuahuas at home and they are the most spastic creatures on the face of the planet. They can be perfectly fine one moment, but at the drop of a hat, they freak out and go on the attack.

Case in point, this video of a friendly monkey who was looking to make friends with a chihuahua. After scratching his face and giving him sweet, sweet kisses, you would have thought the chihuahua would succumb the monkey’s charm. That wasn’t the case. After becoming agitated, the chihuahua went mental.

Apparently, this pup isn’t one for PDA.

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Unfortunately, monkeys aren’t the only things sending chihuahuas into total meltdowns. Here are a few more dogs that are all the way over our nonsense.


Well, this goes from cute to terrifying pretty quickly.

This is basically me when someone steals food from my plate.

And according to this feisty pup, the best time to wear a warm sweater is NEVER!


“Can I have kisses?” “HOW ABOUT MURDER?”

“Hooman, how dare you try to blow air in my face with a straw?”


Hm…I don’t think she likes bath time.

But most of the time, a chihuahua needs no excuse to go off.


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