• Equifax Reportedly Suffered Another Breach Months Earlier Than The Hack It Disclosed

    Getty Image / Equifax What’s worse than the Equifax hack? Finding out Equifax was also hacked five months earlier by the same perps who carried out this month’s massive hack, but the company kept it quiet. So, not only were 143 million Americans exposed between mid-May through July, a fact not announced until September 7th, […]

  • With Bankruptcy Looming, This Might Be The End For Toys R’ Us Kids

    UPROXX In the ’80s and ’90s, kids swarmed Toys R’ Us and K-B Toys. Perennial advertisers on the Saturday morning airwaves and in Sunday circulars, these mall-based toy stores are golden avenues of nostalgia. But they’re also staring down a world where people would rather buy online than drive to a mall, and K-B got […]

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  • Verizon Is Prepared To Boot 8,500 Rural Customers For Data Use, Even Those On Unlimited Plans

    Shutterstock For anyone who wondered whether Verizon’s “unlimited” data plans were akin to a magical unicorn that doesn’t exist, those suspicions have been confirmed for a thousands of customers who won’t be allowed to renew their contracts upon expiration. In retrospect, this shouldn’t be too surprising after Verizon was found to be throttling data (for […]

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    20 Smiling Pets That'll Make Your Life So Much Better

    If you’re scrolling around online, chances are you’ll come across at least one news story or video that is sure to bum you out. And if the morning news doesn’t already put you in a rut, then something as simple as sleeping through your alarm, spilling coffee down your dress clothes, or even missing the […]

  • Jose Has Been Upgraded Back To Hurricane Status As It Heads For The Northeast

    WGN TV When Hurricane Irma barrelled through the Caribbean and up into the southeast earlier this month, New Bedford, Massachusetts offered a safe harbor. Now it’s in the path of Jose, which was just upgraded from tropical storm to hurricane again by the National Hurricane Center. The potential path of the storm is still uncertain, […]