• Minneapolis’ Police Chief Resigns While Philando Castile’s Mother And Justine Damond’s Family March For Justice

    Getty Image Last Saturday, Justine Damond (née Ruszczyk) was shot and killed by Minneapolis police after making two 911 calls to report a possible sexual assault happening in her neighborhood. When officers arrived on the scene, Damond approached the police vehicle on the driver’s side and was shot by the officer in the passenger seat. […]

  • Chipotle Suffers Another Setback As Rats Fall From Restaurant Ceiling

    Getty Image Chipotle has had, since about 2015, a streak of uninterrupted bad luck. Already reeling from Jack Donaghy’s burrito slander and an E.coli outbreak, the chain was hit by the norovirus. This was followed by bizarre criminal activity, a malware attack that stole customer credit cards, and, finally a return of the norovirus earlier […]

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  • Reports: Trump Is Freaking Out Over The Russia Investigation And Has Inquired About Pardoning Himself, His Aides, And His Family

    Getty Image President Trump has now reportedly set his team in motion to stifle and smear former FBI director Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian collusion, even allegedly asking advisors about his power to pardon individuals, including aides, family members, and even himself. This follows Wednesday’s New York Times interview where Trump alleged that Mueller may […]

  • There’s Enough Plastic Trash In The World To Bury Manhattan, Twice

    Getty Image Humanity makes a staggering amount of trash, so much so that one of the great social quests of the next century will be changing how we deal with it. And there’s a lot to deal with, as a new study reveals. We’ve made, it turns out, nine billion tons of plastic since 1950, […]

  • Senator John McCain Has Been Diagnosed With Brain Cancer

    Getty Image A statement released by the Mayo Clinic has revealed that Senator John McCain was found to have a brain tumor. The 80-year-old veteran politician underwent a procedure to remove a blood clot above his eye and tissue pathology would show that a primary brain tumor was associated with the clot. According to the […]

  • The Latest Confirmed Attendee Of The Don Jr. Meeting Is Believed To Have Overseen Massive Russian Money Laundering Schemes

    Getty Image Earlier we learned that Ike Kaveladze, an employee of Trump- and Putin-connected Russian oligarch Aras Agalarov, was the eighth person at the Trump Tower meeting between the Trump campaign and several Kremlin-connected individuals. More information has since surfaced about Kaveladze’s job as a U.S.-based staff member of Agalarov’s real estate development company Crocus […]

  • Delta Responds To Ann Coulter’s Temper Tantrum With A Pair Of Scathing Tweets

    Getty Image Ann Coulter is no stranger to temper tantrums, but she spent the better part of this weekend outdoing herself while raging at Delta airlines. Her tirade was remarkable, if only for the shocking detail of her choosing an airline that recently banned a ranting pro-Trump passenger for life. Yet Coulter’s rant (which can […]