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  • With Bankruptcy Looming, This Might Be The End For Toys R’ Us Kids

    UPROXX In the ’80s and ’90s, kids swarmed Toys R’ Us and K-B Toys. Perennial advertisers on the Saturday morning airwaves and in Sunday circulars, these mall-based toy stores are golden avenues of nostalgia. But they’re also staring down a world where people would rather buy online than drive to a mall, and K-B got […]

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  • Verizon Is Prepared To Boot 8,500 Rural Customers For Data Use, Even Those On Unlimited Plans

    Shutterstock For anyone who wondered whether Verizon’s “unlimited” data plans were akin to a magical unicorn that doesn’t exist, those suspicions have been confirmed for a thousands of customers who won’t be allowed to renew their contracts upon expiration. In retrospect, this shouldn’t be too surprising after Verizon was found to be throttling data (for […]

  • Jose Has Been Upgraded Back To Hurricane Status As It Heads For The Northeast

    WGN TV When Hurricane Irma barrelled through the Caribbean and up into the southeast earlier this month, New Bedford, Massachusetts offered a safe harbor. Now it’s in the path of Jose, which was just upgraded from tropical storm to hurricane again by the National Hurricane Center. The potential path of the storm is still uncertain, […]

  • What Does Tropical Storm Jose’s Projected New Path Mean For The Northeastern U.S.?

    Getty Image Houston is still putting itself back together after Harvey. Irma caused billions of dollars in property damage. And now, as if right on cue, Tropical Storm Jose may be about to reintensify into hurricane status and smash into America’s Eastern Seaboard. Currently, Jose is a tropical storm, but it’s expected to redouble this […]

  • Floyd Mayweather Claims Donald Trump’s Infamous ‘Grab Them By The P*ssy’ Remarks Are How A Real Man Talks

    Getty Image Floyd Mayweather isn’t one to shy away from controversy. Just weeks after his predictable super fight boxing win over UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor that included weeks of buildup with enough controversy to last a lifetime, he’s back in the news with another round of questionable comments. Mayweather has a long and storied […]

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    Trump Insists ‘No Deal Was Made Last Night On DACA,’ And His Supporters Don’t Know What To Think

    Getty Image The ongoing saga of President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) legislation protecting so-called “Dreamers” just got a little weirder thanks to Donald Trump’s latest tweet storm. On Thursday morning, he responded to previous reports indicating he and top Democrats Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi had reached a “deal” […]

  • nh-hate-crime-attempted-hanging-jpg.jpeg

    New Hampshire Authorities Open A Hate Crime Investigation Into The Attempted Hanging Of A Young Boy

    Shutterstock Authorities in the town of Claremont, New Hampshire have opened an investigation into the alleged attempted hanging of a biracial 8-year-old boy. The incident, which is now being treated as a possible hate crime, was first reported by the Valley News last Tuesday when the boy’s family came forward. According to his grandfather, Lorrie […]