• Great News For Elephant Lovers: China Is Banning The Sale Of Ivory

    Shutterstock The worldwide elephant population has suffered for a long time due to the demand for their ivory. The world has poached the magnificent creatures and stolen their ivory for centuries, diminishing the population to dangerous levels for the sole purpose of making beautiful jewelry or piano keys from their tusks. But now, after decades […]

  • China Challenges Trump By Deploying A Military Aircraft Carrier Into Contested Waters

    Obama’s Cabinet Vs. Trump’s Cabinet Getty Image Dec 2016 – Chinese Military Planes During An Exercise On The Liaoning Carrier Near North China China’s beef with Donald Trump continues. After seizing a U.S. Navy drone in international waters and putting on a display of nuclear military force for the president-elect’s benefit, China has now deployed […]

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  • China Corrects Donald Trump Over His Claim That Global Warning Is A Chinese Hoax

    Getty Image In 2012, Donald Trump accused China of inventing global warming as a hoax, and the country ignored the claim for years, but now that he’ll running the U.S., a delegate is choosing to speak up. During United Nations talks on Wednesday in Morocco, China Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin told reporters that global […]