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  • Trump Is Reportedly ‘Very Upset’ That Amanda Knox Backed Hillary Clinton

    Getty Image If you thought Mike Tyson and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie having an awkward exchange about Donald Trump’s promised pardon was peak Friday news dump, think again. In a long New York Times profile, George Guido Lombardi — the president’s longtime Trump Tower neighbor and apparent connection to Europe’s far-right movement — claimed […]

  • The Senate Intelligence Committee Will Probe Whether Or Not Links Exist Between Russia And Trump’s Campaign

    Getty Image The outgoing administration of President Barack Obama has already taken steps to censure the alleged hack of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, an occurrence Donald Trump finally acknowledged during Wednesday press conference. As for the leaked dossier suggesting a far more sinister connection between the president-elect’s campaign and Russia, however, officials have remained largely […]

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  • Declassified U.S. Intel: Putin Tried To Influence The Election Partially Because Of A Clinton Grudge

    Getty Image Following a week in which U.S. intelligence agencies suggested they’d found “conclusive” evidence of Russia’s involvement in hacking the Democratic National Committee’s emails, and Donald Trump’s repeated efforts to downplay such claims, the declassified intel report has arrived. The New York Times, CNN and countless other news agencies have skimmed through all 25 […]

  • Paul Ryan Easily Wins Re-Election As Speaker Of The House

    Getty Image On Tuesday, Congress returned for its 115th term, and Paul Ryan easily won re-election as House Speaker. This was a mere formality of a vote from the GOP-led House, which “unanimously backed” Ryan in November for a return to the coveted position. With today’s vote, Ryan now stands as a key leader in […]

  • Obama: ‘I Look Forward To Standing With You As A Citizen’ After Leaving The White House

    Getty Image Ahead of the weekend’s New Year’s Eve celebrations, President Barack Obama and his outgoing administration took action against Russia for its alleged election hacking. The subsequent news cycle found itself populated by viral rebuttals by Vladimir Putin and President-elect Donald Trump, though Obama remained largely silent on the matter. Nor did he publicly […]

  • Sean Spicer Suggests Trump May Replace Press Conferences With ‘Facebook Town Halls’

    Getty/Facebook On Wednesday night Donald Trump held an impromptu press conference with longtime campaign ally Don King. It was the first “press conference” the president-elect had held in five months, and while he took questions from the reporters gathered outside his Palm Beach estate, the surprise Q&A session felt like more of a circus than […]

  • Trump’s Nominee To Head Up The EPA Is A Fossil Fuel Industry Ally Who’s Currently Suing The EPA

    Getty Image President-elect Donald Trump is reportedly appointing Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as head of the Environmental Protection Agency, according to the Washington Post and several other news outlets. Pruitt is a head-scratcher of a choice as the state attorney general has been a fierce opponent of the EPA. In fact, he’s actually quite […]