Tag: Hurricanes

  • What Is A Category 5 Storm? Hurricanes, Explained

    Uproxx / Getty Right as we’re beginning to come to grips with the full damage from Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma is set to hit the Caribbean and looks more and more likely to make landfall in Florida. Irma is even stronger than Harvey, a Category 5 to Harvey’s Category 4. But what does that mean? […]

  • At Least One Person Is Dead After Hurricane Harvey Swept Into Texas

    Getty Image Hurricane Harvey slammed into Texas and Louisiana last night as a Category Four storm, leaving at least one person is dead and dozens injured amidst terrible devastation in coastal cities. Rockport, Texas was among the hardest hit, but Harvey isn’t finished yet—though it has been steadily losing power and is now downgraded to […]

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  • Thousands Of North Carolina Residents Are Stranded In Homes, On Rooftops After Hurricane Matthew Flooding

    Getty Image Although much of the media remains fixated on the scorched-earth presidential debate, a storm system that was previously known as Hurricane Matthew is still causing enormous fallout. The system was downgraded to a tropical storm on Sunday after leaving enormous destruction throughout the Caribbean and the East Coast. In Haiti, the death toll […]