• Trump Is Now Threatening Venezuela With ‘A Possible Military Option’

    Getty Image Venezuela as we have known it is crumbling. Nicolás Maduro’s controversial new Constituent Assembly took over from its fragile Parliament on Tuesday, and in an address to the new government Maduro made an overture of friendship to the U.S. President saying, “Mr. Donald Trump, here is my hand.” It seems Donald Trump is […]

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  • North Korea Warns Of ‘Merciless’ Strikes Against A U.S. Carrier Joining South Korean Military Drills

    Getty Image About a week ago, Kim Jong-Un’s bloodlust accelerated to the point where North Korea was launching practice missiles towards the Japanese coast, all with the eventual goal of taking out U.S. military bases (of which there are many) in the country. Now, the dictator has warned of “merciless” strikes against a U.S. aircraft […]

  • The Military Will Soon Lift The Ban On Transgender Service Members

    Shutterstock The United States military will soon lift its ban on transgender troops. According to reports from USA Today, the Pentagon plans to announce the end of the ban on July 1, thereby allowing trans people to serve openly in all branches of the armed forces. If the ban is lifted, it will mark the […]