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  • Sean Hannity Warns We Could Be Seeing The End Of Fox News As We Know It

    Fox News As you may have noticed, Fox News isn’t exactly in the best place optics-wise at the moment. The cable news network has been navigating a sexual harassment scandal that’s seen both Roger Ailes and Fox News figurehead Bill O’Reilly hitting the bricks under a glaring media spotlight. The call for a culture change […]

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  • Fox News Reportedly Settled With A Former Contributor Over Sexual Assault Claims Against A Network Executive

    Fox News Last year, Gretchen Carlson sued Fox News while alleging sexual harassment by then-CEO Roger Ailes, who she secretly recorded for a year while capturing conversations full of lewd suggestions towards her. Carlson walked away with a $20 million settlement, and Ailes was given the golden-parachute boot after several other women made similar accusations. […]